Welcome to City U Engage

City U Engage is a social community where employees can engage, collaborate and promote the City's core values that strengthen our organization.

City U Engage is where our Culture of Service comes to life.

Our Employees

Our greatest asset is our employees and they are essential to our success; does the right things for the right reasons; acts as a model steward of the Community; maintains professional behavior and image; builds an Organization in which we take pride.


We strive to have integrity in all interactions; consistently tells the truth (honesty); keeps commitments and confidences (trust); takes responsibility for our actions (accountability); treats people the way we want to be treated (respect); does our best for the Community and each other (work ethic).


We lead by example and empower our employees to enhance their leadership skills; takes ownership and follows up; takes personal responsibility for our actions; strives for credibility; leads by example and empowers others; demonstrates a commitment to public service.

Customer Service

We go the extra mile to exceed our Customers expectations; exceeds both internal and external customer expectations by going the extra mile; listens for good understanding; responds and follows through to resolve issues; exhibits patience, courtesy and customer care; treats everyone with respect and dignity.

Open Communication

We strive to communicate effectively; responds promptly to phone calls and emails; practices good listening skills; gives constructive feedback; updates and informs others, as appropriate.


We strive to work together as a team to benefit our internal and external customers; demonstrates openness to new ideas; recognizes and embraces individual strengths; provides seamless service between departments; treats co-workers with respect and dignity.


We treat everyone with fairness and respect; provides fair services to internal and external customers; applies policies fairly; uses objectivity in all interactions.